Donna and Harvey,

I just want to thank you for a stellar breeding male by Two Bears named Reggie. It is uncanny how much personality, demeanor, intelligence, and kindness he has that is exactly like Two Bears.

As a breeder of 45 years, it is clear to see that Two Bears has cloned himself in his son Reggie.
I must say Reggie is the spitting image of him, an exact personality match. Reggie is so kind easy-going and full of love. He is probably the easiest dog I have ever trained and (I’ve trained hundreds).

I think Reggie is the most like Bear of any pup I’ve seen or heard about.

Reggie has all of Two Bears attributes and will soon have pups on the ground.   Thank you for this wonderful dog Reggie a Star.  He is Two  Bears all over!

Thank you Donna and Harvey.👍

Beth Brueggerlabradors

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