When buying a puppy from a reputable breeder check the breeder out. Most reputable breeders have private web-sites to showcase there breed. There are a lot of reputable breeders that do things a tad bit different then we do here at River Forks Labrador Retrievers, but again like making any large purchase do your research. Good breeders bounce things off of each other. There are plenty of sites you can check out when looking for the right breeder. Remember that the following is something you should consider when purchasing a Labrador. These are merely an example of what you can expect and what are a few signs to look for in a breeder.

Note: Cost may be more to purchase. May require you to be on a waiting list. Waiting list can fill up quickly. Sometimes puppies are spoken for before they are born. Be patient.

  • What are some key things to look at with purchasing from reputable breeder?
  • Written contractual commitment to new buyers.
  • Does not breed dog younger than 2 years of age.
  • Does not cross-breed with any other animal to make designer dogs.
  • Dedication in producing quality dogs is serious avocation!
  • We only sell puppies to approved environment.
  • Shows litter and dam in sanitary environment.
  • Note the interaction between the breeders and their fur-babies.
  • Tracks all litters that are produced & requires buyers to stay in contact with breeder.
  • Involves themselves in the breed and makes a lifetime commitment to it.
  • Ensures that the DNA for sire is on registry with AKC.
  • All breeding stock are genetically tested for disease.
  • To better the breed to perfect a specific type to leave a legacy.
  • Is knowledgeable about the breed.
  • Knows the importance of keeping puppies with mother for the right amount of time.
  •  Is knowledgeable about the breed and the lineage of the stock they produce.
  • Extremely dedicated Strives for the ideal.
  • Mentors others
  • Intensive testing always a priority.
  • Sells puppies with spay/neuter contract (unless otherwise specified within contract)
  • Sells with limited registration (unless otherwise specified within the contract.)
  • Keeps up with health and temperament issues affecting the breed.
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