Are you searching for a fur-ever fur baby?  We have several things we want you to consider….

There’s a price to pay for life with a Labrador & you must understand it isn’t just money! It’s a life time commitment. So many things factor into it. Ask yourself this:


  • Do you have time for this puppy?
  • Do you have the right space for a large dog?’
  • Will this dog fit into your family? Your schedule?
  • Do you have something in the near future that would be preventing you from being able to keep he/she.
  • Are you able to afford it?
  • Is this the right dog for me and my family?
  • The cost of keeping a Labrador.
  • Labrador Retrievers are very energetic dogs, they play hard & work hard.
  • Daily brisk walks, jogs or a run is very good for Labradors.
  • They crave human leadership and need attention.
  • Training should start at early age in basic.  
  • Buying a Labrador will change your life drastically, in a good way! In fact when we bring any dog into our life consider a dramatic change. 

I have listed a few items you will need for your new puppy.


  • Crate
  • Food bowls
  • Dog bedding
  • Collar & leash
  • Toys
  • Training products
  • Puppy books & videos
  • Are you and the puppy right for each other?
  • Should you adopt a Labrador?
  • One puppy or two
  • Which type of Labrador makes the best pet, work, or show?
  • What color ( as they vary).
  • AKC Registration, what does this mean.
  • How to spot a poor Labrador breeder.
  • Puppy paperwork, certificates, contracts. 
White Labrador Puppies