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Seven rules:

Pups by 7 weeks should have:

  • walked on 7 different surfaces
  • met and played with 7 different people of different sizes and sexes
  • played with 7 different toys
  • heard 7 different sounds (including loud noises)
  • eaten 7 different foods
  • visited 7 different places (can be rooms in the house, outdoors)
  • been exposed to 7 different fast moving objects (vacuum, bikes, cars, skateboards)
  • encountered 7 different challenges (climbing over things, getting around things , i.e. furniture, etc)
  • eaten from 7 different containers (bowls, plates, Kongs)
  • taken 7 car rides (in crates)

plus they should have been in a crate, by themselves and with the litter, and been left alone for at least an hour at a time when solo and with their littermates; and been exposed to a collar and leash