Welcome to River Forks Labrador Retriever’s website. We are a small hobbyist breeder located in Central Oregon. 

We take pride in our fur-babies and in their future fur-baby puppies. 

We began first by raising yellow Labrador’s which led us into service projects and then into Polar White’s. 

We lived in a small town. Two of our puppies went on to being service dogs and I am blessed that one of them came back to the same town as a service companion. 

River Forks Labrador Retrievers Oregon Breeder

My children at the time went to school with a young man who became blind in his teen years and needed a service dog which was on of our puppies. What a blessing it was to watch one of our dogs perform their duties for this young man. 

Time passed and we purchased a Polar White Bear Labrador from a family member who raised them. We paid special attention to the quality and the sound performance of this dog. 

Our objective is to produce puppies that excel in all aspects of life. We are very selective when breeding outside of our own females. 

If interested in AI/breeding all test must be preformed on female before we allow breeding.