Weasioux Sage


SACAGAWEA Weasioux Sage

Weasioux Sage  

Sage is our first white Dam. Her mother was the cream coloured female, and high energy. She loves to swim, fetch, hike, hunt, fish. Sage is a very high energy and loves to please. She even opens are doggie gates within the house when you ask her to. Sage is a big girl but “white” she is. Her hair and coat are amazing and she loves to swim in the pool. She is very dedicated to our family and she loves those brisk walks in the morning. What a joy she has been to us.



Two Bears

Is an outstanding specimen of his breed. He has the mildest temperament and aims to please. My humans screen any owner of quality, similarly health screened bitches that require a stud dog’s service to produce quality puppies. Now my owner only approves of these bitches, with a written stud contract. All genetic testing, hips, elbows, etc. must be performed prior to me servicing your lady. My humans take very good care of me and I watch over mom all the time. Not only am I a stud dog to others but have my own dams here on site.



Wanapa Matasha

Wanapa Matasha 

Is our newest female English Labrador. She hails from Brueggers Labradors, out of California, and is a fine specimen. She is a wonderful addition to our family and has brought much joy into our home. We are excited about the future litter of her and Two Bears to see the wonderful puppies they will throw. Her white coat is flawless, her pigmentation of black is perfect. She loves the water and aims to please. She has the nice blocky head and body of the English Labrador.

Ten Bears River


River is our upcoming stud dog when he wakes up! He is out of Two Bears our sire, and mother is McKenzie River Trout black female. What a wonderful addition to our family and a handsome boy he shall be. He will have a nice blocky head just like his daddy. 

Honey Backs


Up Coming Stud