McKenzie River Trout!

Our sire Two Bears, has been busy with the ladies this year with several litters. First we have Beautiful McKenzie River Trout, a black female that hails from McKenzie River Labradors in Springfield Oregon. Owners Terrance & Delane Graves have loved and nurtured this dog for 4 years.. She is a high energy, motivated female with the desire to please. She is very quick, loves to swim, and dive. She has a long lineage of field and hunting lines. Both sire & dam have all health clearances and are genetically tested. Both dam & sire have champion blood lines. We welcome you to browse our photos of this wonderful litter, which I might add, found fur-ever home before they were even born.  

Appleton, Washington’s A point of Grace!

Our sire Two Bears next dam was Grace this year. What a  stunning Champagne female she is. She hails from Appleton Washington Labrador Retrievers. Grace had just turned 2 years old and she was a first time mom.  Both dam & sire had all health clearances completed. Genetically sound, and Brucellosis & progesterone were done prior to breeding. This is required by stud owner.  Grace is very close to her owner, she is high energy, she is very obedient. She is also a service dog. Grace whelped and had 10 puppies, 5 males & 5 females.  Both dam & Sire have strong pedigrees with champion blood lines, in field trials, show, agility etc. We still have a few of the Polar whites left on this litter if you are interested please email me.

McKenzie River Labradors “Jada”

Two Bears next lady came to visit just a few weeks after Grace… Busy boy he is. This is beautiful sweet Jada, who hails from McKenzie River Trout Labradors in Springfield Oregon. She was such a pleasure to have here for a few days. She is so mellow, sweet disposition in this girl. Very well mannered and obedient.. Jada, came from Ohio breeder she is all English female. Beautiful champagne with strong pedigree and champion bloodlines. We are anxious in this litter that is due here in just a few days towards the end of April 2016.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter send me an email We will keep you posted…

Brandy of Bend Oregon

Our sire Two Bears, was approached by this beautiful female out of Bend Oregon. Her owner was looking for a male to breed to her females, at which time she had 3 girls. Brandy had 11 puppies and we stay in contact with most of the owners of each puppies to share stories, and pictures.

Wanapa Matsha


Wanapa Matasha is a beautiful Polar white female (yellow) that hails out of Brueggers Labradors in California. She is what I consider the most gracious, elegant, well-tailored female, that is well proportioned, nice blocky head, beautiful English features with her style build, nice thick otter tail with that dark black pigmentation. She had produced some amazing puppies that, have thrown that same black pigmentation, and calm demeanor, and we have so enjoyed seeing them grow with the fur-ever families. Her pups are so beautiful and so cooperative when dressing them up for the photo shoot I love to do with all are lady’s pups. We were so blessed to have got her when we did and still seeing the puppy inside come out occasionally in her. We just adore this girl.

River Forks Oo”Sapa Kangee Kachina Nita Sapata Mato (Osa) 

Osa, is a beautiful black female that hails out of Brueggers Labradors in California. She is another one of my females that I would consider the most gracious, elegant, well-tailored females, that is show stopping. She is built with that beautiful blocky head, and the wonderful English personality with the features and build to go with it. Osa, loves to give hugs to everyone she meets. She has produced some of the most amazing pups, with such fabulous temperaments, and highly intelligent and so easy to train. Osa, will throw tri-colored pups if paired with the Sire. We are so thankful we were able to get her when we did. At the time we got Osa, she came from a litter of 11, which included 5 white brothers, and 5 black brothers and then came Osa! We absolutely love this girl and cannot wait for the next litter that will come early next year 2021. Watch for updates her pups are show stopping just like she is. Her & Trigger & Two bears make wonderful pups.

River Forks Waluta Watamehoe, (Red Dawn Woman)

River Forks Waluta Wata-a-me-hoe (Red Dawn Women) hails from Brueggers Labradors out of Southern California. She is such and amazing girl, and such and easy-going temperament. She throws some amazing puppies that are easily trainable with excellent temperaments. Waluta, throws anywhere from Whites, yellows, creams and of course the Fox Red. She is so gracious and has a very gentle spirit about her. She is another show stopping English Female, that has a nice blocky head, beautiful otter tail, and those gorgeous soulful eyes, that all her offspring acquire as well. She is highly intelligent and loves the pool not matter what time of the year it is, typical of Labradors. Waluta came from a litter of 9 which included mostly whites, 1 yellow, 1 darker yellow, and 3 reds. She has currently been bred and will have pups sometimes near the end of January 2021. We have already received numerous deposits for her pups and her normal litter size is about 8-10 pups per litter. If your interested I would strongly suggest that you contact us as soon as possible to get a fur-ever pup.

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ShappaThinder Tahcawin Tinza Zitkala-sa : Sassy Pants

TalkWithManyTongues Mollymoonshalom: Molly

Brueggers Magaskawee Onida Chunkshi Hunka: Echo

River Forks Tinza Cante Waka Classy But Sassy: Oreo

Mato hata Lazy Luke

Duke of Earl Tacanipiluta Makhpis-luta mato watakpe running bear chaska: Duke

River Forks Henry Oscar Thathanjka Wanzilla: Odin

Charlie Blue Blood: Charlie

Matho Henlogeca Hollow from son of Two bears Mato Sire Bennett: Bennett

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